Sweden’s Refugee ‘crisis’ what’s the truth? Anecdotal edition

Last Article we focused on the crime statistics (found here), were we discovered that many violent crimes have increased in Sweden over the last decade, but without data on the ethnicity’s of the criminals ( Sweden decided to stop recording the ethnicity of criminals in early 2000’s) there is no way we can draw solid conclusions based on the stats alone.

So let us delve into other forms of evidence to try and map out were this crime is coming from and who is committing it.

Many Swedish media commentators are putting forward the notion that these crimes are falling or not attributed to Immigration, Ylva Johansson of the Swedish government claimed on a BBC show that rape had decreased 2014-2015. Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Loefven has made jokes about the issue and claims that the crime rates are due to social differences.

While others claim the situation is very different. Peter Springare, a serious crimes officer of the Swedish police claims that migrants are very much to blame. Social commentators such as The angry foreigner claim that their home country is in the savage wake of migrant crime.

What’s the truth? Well, to dig into the validity of anecdotal claims, we need to evaluate what people have to gain, and what they have to lose. Anyone in the Swedish Government obviously have a lot to lose by admitting fault, so it’s clear that they may be biased towards denial. Social commentators can increase traffic, and thereby sales, with controversial content, so their bias leads towards promoting problems.

This leaves us with the ‘Something to lose’ group. People who speak out with little to gain but more to lose will be more reliable sources of information.

Peter Springare is one of these sources, with nothing to gain, and Criminal charges being brought upon him for speaking out, it’s hard to see why he would risk a long and successful career lightly.

Another source who risked his career to give his side of the story is Rene Zografos. A writer for the *very* pro immigration website Huffington post. Rene Lost his writing platform at HuffPo, and had the article in question, as well as all his previous articles deleted from the site.

We also need to look at the context of anecdotal evidence. Ylva Johansson’s claim that the rape statistic fell between 2014 and 2015, is a very narrow view that fails to take into account the ten year rising trend, and predicted rise from 2015 to 2016. Peter Springrare only commented on his personal experience as a police officer, so what if this was just a coincidence?



The last set of statistics that report criminal ethnicity is from 2001. However this seems to correlate strongly with Peters assessment. Showing immigrants from the largest recent groups (east/ north africa and the middle east) commit crimes at over three times the rate of native Swede’s.

The anecdotal evidence, correlated with our statistical analysis, show a definite increase in violent crimes, with old statistics and commentator bias taken into account these crimes seem to be coming disproportionately from the migrant communities.

In our next article in the series we will be going through why this might be the case, whether migrant over representation is inevitable and why there seems to be such a strong denial of the evidence.

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One thought on “Sweden’s Refugee ‘crisis’ what’s the truth? Anecdotal edition

  1. Obviously, those who are new to the society which is very alien to them (as it is a post-Christian, Western nation), and who do not seek to assimilate to the host country culture, are more likely to commit crimes. This is not rocket science, at least not for those of us not on the Left.


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