Sweden’s Refugee ‘crisis’ What’s the truth? The Comparison

Over the last two editions of our Crime in Sweden series we broke down the statistics, and the validity of some of the anecdotal evidence surrounding the current immigration controversy in Sweden. First article found here.

We have shown that there is a definite increase in violent crime, and that it is most probably attributed to Immigrants, namely from the middle East and North/ East Africa. But does an increase in immigration always result in higher crime? If so, how long does this crime take to subside?

First we must look at what happened in past instances of mass immigration. During the Bosnian war in 1992 -1995, Sweden took in over 100’000 refugees. This is an excellent comparison point, as it is similarly large numbers, to the same host country and not too long ago that cultural changes in crime recordings and refugee acceptance, would be much different.

Total crimes per 100’000 population =

Bosnian (1990 – 1997) – decrease 3%

Current (2005 – 2015) – increase 7%


Sexual crimes per 100’000 population =

Bosnian (1990 – 1997) – increase 43%

Current (2005 – 2015) – increase 42%


Assault and aggravated Assault per 100’000 population =

Bosnian (1990 – 1997) – increase 31%

Current (2005 – 2015) – increase 16%,  peaked at 18%


Murder, Manslaughter and Assault resulting in Death total =

Bosnian (1990 – 1997) – increase 11%

Current (2005 – 2015) – increase 28%


Fraud and other acts of Dishonesty per 100’000 population =

Bosnian (1990 – 1997) – decrease 61%

Current (2005 – 2015) – increase 197%


Considering the comparison, it is a safe bet to say that mass immigration will definitely have a negative effect on Violent and Sexual crimes specifically. With large increases in both instances, why are we being told from various sources that mass immigration is not to blame, or that there isn’t a problem to lay blame upon in the first place?

Next article we will look at how and why these findings are in dispute from so many sources.



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